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Are you searching for a pre-screened, qualified lawyer in the Los Angeles area?

LegalMatch provides free access to attorneys with a wide range of experience and specialties. Whether you're dividing divorce debt in Venice Beach or searching for an immigration law lawyer in West Hollywood, we will make sure that your case gets seen by experienced LegalMatch attorneys.

Our lawyers come from myriad backgrounds and areas of practice. At LegalMatch you'll find expert Family Lawyers, Immigration Lawyers, Business Lawyers, Criminal Law and Police Lawyers, Jobs and Employment Lawyers, Personal Injury and Health Lawyers, Intellectual Property Lawyers, Real Estate Lawyers, and more. And just as importantly, they service all of Los Angeles-from Long Beach to Echo Park and beyond.

Before you present your case to LegalMatch, you may wish to take a look at our extensive Law Library. With articles on innumerable legal topics, you're sure to find something relevant to your legal issue. We even have articles on cyberspace law, medical malpractice, and advice for changing your will. If you still have questions, you can consult the LegalMatch Forums for free advice from members and staff.

And when you're ready, you can present your case using our simple submission processand and get matched to pre-screened Los Angeles Attorneys.

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